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Fully diet and most suitable for dog is rice. Not only for a dog-mothers of food sensitively or allergic children know their own. Rice is a gluten free food, which gets our dogs out from chronical and acute problems without any other further clinical curing. Just leave the irritant components out and substitute them for those which are digested without any trouble. Few weeks of rice diet will help the dog from skin inflammations and irritated digesting. CANDIE'S enhances the effect of rice with shark cartilage. Specific taste and smell are because of addition of natural ingredients and herbs, which were chosen for their good effects on digesting, and only a little sugar and salt content. Sunflower and olive oil are used only in necessary amount to provide essential omegagreasy acids. Rice tidbit is the solution, because the dogs like it and it fulfills basic doctor motto: Never harm.



Ideal aid for training, or during competition, as a reward for the winning team are now special snacks from CANDIE'S. Thanks to them only two can make a team. As a motivation or reward they are above price-they fit in your pocket. It is easy to make a dose and the best thing-even the breeder can bite during wating for performance.
CANDIE'S are a source of chondroitin,which is good for the growth of cartilages, concerns younger dogs, and for regeneration of joints of older dogs. What actually is chondroitin? Natural product contained in the cartilages of animals. Works against enzymes which attack the cartilage. Most often it is coming from beef cartilages, but a great source of this, used in NUTRAM and CANDIE'S, are shark cartilages. They have lower health risks than beef (BSE), and they have good effects on the immunity of organism.
Especially with older dogs, the digestive systém does not work effectively and perfectly. Every little error in diet or daily regime can cause constipation, flatulence or diarrhoea. CANDIE'S with balanced content of pulp and good diet effects calms down irritated digesting. Every breeder will then be happy to remove consistent and almost not at all smelling excrements.
To feed a growing dog of a big race correctly often demands a good deal of care and money. Even the best quality, most expensive, complex and balanced feeding can be messed up by incorrect use of tidbits. For example smoked meat, chocolates, child biscuits and othe unhealthy tidbits. Even the big appetite of a big dog does not have to be limited in this way. CANDIE'S tidbits can be dosed in any almost amount. Even though the dogs like them so much, they contain only a little sugar and salt. They are attracted by the smell of shark cartilage, containing glukosamin and chondroitin.
The snack can help a lot. Hardly fed (ill or sensitive) or wrongly fed dog can be given CANDIE'S as a make up or even a base of daily dose. This helps to calm down the stomach (too much acids or irritation). Except for this effect these tidbits also help to improve the consistence of excrements. There is a big difference between a big excrement of a wrongly fed dog and a small nice excrement. Especially if you have to remove it from the sidewalk.

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