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Even such an easy thing like teaching the dog to be a sweet tooth has its troubles. The dog cannot differ what is good and bad for it. This choice is up to us. First step is to leave out unsuitable tidbits and substitute them for something good. The gog will quickly understand that we do not share everything. But what we share is interesting and it will demand it.

Unlike the cat, which likes changes in its menu, dog is conservative. It likes the same stuff from the same bowl. Its own. That is true for tidbits too. We cannot await that the dog will like the new stuff immediately. If you let the dog to get accustomed to it, it will start to demand it and like it for a long time. On one hand, puppy likes anything you give it, you will have to let the older dog get used to it. Easiest way? Be the first one to taste the new tidbit.

Tidbits by CANDIE'S are not only a tidbit but also an aid for training. Thanks to their content they can be used for an unlimited time period and in an unlimited amount. You can také them anywhere with you. The dog will learn that you are the cool one with reward in the pocket. If it starts to demand them regularly, then it will handle anything on the basis of method command-action-reward.

Even the basic exercise in training-calling the dog-works on the principle of reward for performance. Even the old dog will learn faster if you will have CANDIE'S bag rustling or if you loudly break one of the pieces in two. The dog must have the opportunity to experience it repeatedly, in order to learn from it

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