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The idea that the best way to feed a dog is to give it a good piece of beef is only a well spread mistake. The meat gives the dog proteins, but other nutrients are missed-vitamines, minerals, and trace elements. Times when we had to cook the dog's dinner in the kitchen for hours are gone. Modern granulated feeds helps us to use the time for the purpose we got the dog for. And it certainly was not to cook for it.

Dogs of big races (up to 45 kg in adulthood) such as dobermann, alaskan malamute, german shepherd or labrador retriever reach adolescence at the age of 12 – 18 months. Dogs of huge races, such as dogge, brazilian fila, caucasian herdsman dog reach adolescence in 15 – 24 months. In the growth period many breeders make a fatal mistake-they give too much proteins and energy, usually by adding extra meat. They think that the more nutrients, the bigger the dog will be. They then hardly understand why their "well fed" dog has serious growth trouble-too fat development of muscles overtook the skeleton development. Result is an unhappy dog with a messed up wrist, limited moving, hung back and eye leakage.

To imitate the more experienced individuals is an inborn charactersitic of every baby. For your dog you are the most experinced individual. Your puppy will tend to imitate what you do. You will teach it many good things, but it can also také many bad habits from the family members. Especially the feeding habits. On one hand you give the doog expensive, quality feed which is balanced and complete, on the other hand you mess up the good effects by using unsuitable tidbits. If the dog gets biscuits from grandma on every occasion, meat from dad and chocolate from the children, the dog can become a family despot, which will soon visit a vet. The solution is easy. Alway have the right tidbit, which does not harm and mess up expensive feeding and balance.

With the consequences of mistakes in feeding, which you make in the growth period, you will have trouble all it's life. Some of them can never be fixed. Insufficient and incorrect nutrition of puppy will lead to lower length and quality of life. So you just lose your time together. Simply said: you won't make up what you messed up in childhood.

We decide what the life and condition of the dog will be like fro the whole life. Mostly by the way of feeding. It should always be with respect to it's needs. Even the most powerful dog will start to lose energy at some point in life. It's musles lose flexibility, joints lose toughness, which is natural. But time for our life together can be effectively prolonged. Or it can be made better and more intensive. The proof can be that the longer we live, the longer live our animal friends. It is noticeable in countries where few generations of dogs hve been fed by professional feeds.

Special canadian feeds K-9 and NUTRAM for older and less active dogs prolond the life of your dog.

Balance between the feed's worth and price is essential. Cheap feed should be used with adding extra nutrients in other ways (vitamine and mineral complements, quality proteins from meat.). With long period usage of incomplete feeds, there is a risk of malnutrition. If we use complete feed such as NUTRAM and K-9, the dog just needs water. A human who really loves the dog, wants his friend to be with him healthy happy and for a long time. Gives way to quality. For his choice, the breeder is rewarded in this way-he does not have to buy anything extra and sees the vet once a year for injection. And economic consequence: dog consumes less of the quality feed.

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