CANDY, spol. s.r.o.
  Hradcanska 403
  530 06 Pardubice
  Czech Republic, EU

  Tel.: +420 466 742 511
  Fax: +420 466 742 510

Stuffed CANDIE´S are extremely tasty for dogs, children and the whole family alike. As with all the CANDIE´S products the emphasis was on an uncompromising choice of healthy and nutritious ingredients. Manufactured using the latest technologies this product is full of nutrition and reserves natural taste without the addition of any chemical ingredients.


CANDIE'S PILLOWS with caramel

A light, crispy snack in the shape of a small, hollow pillow partly filled with a gentle caramel flavoured paste. The product is naturally golden-brown and tastes of sweet caramel with a scent of vanilla.

ingredients: rice flour, corn flour, caramel filling (sugar, vegetable oil, whey, dried milk, lecithin).

CANDIE'S STICKS with cheese

A light crispy snack in the shape of stick, filled with cheese paste. The product is naturally golden brown and tasting cream cheese, slightly salty.

Ingredients: rice flour, corn flour, cheese filling (rice flour, vegetable oil, cheese, whey, dried milk, lecithin).

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